Telehealth Sessions

Phone Sessions

Talk to your Psychologist using a landline or mobile. You will receive a call at the time of your appointment, take a walk, sit outside or chat from the car.  It’s convenient!

Video Sessions

​See and talk to your Psychologist on a video call using a device like a phone, iPad or tablet. Your Psychologist will email or sms you a link, just click on the link to start the session. It’s easy!

How do I book a telehealth session?

Complete the new client admission form or call us

How much is telehealth?

A telehealth sessions is the same fee as an in person face to face session

Does Medicare provide a rebate for telehealth?

Yes, you can access rebates for phone and video sessions with your Psychologist

What type of device do I need for a video session?

Phone, iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a camera