Psychological Assessments

At The Lighthouse Psychology Practice we provide clinical assessments for the diagnosis of

– general mental health issues

– cognitive processing strengths and weaknesses

– adaptive functioning, social-emotional functioning

– intellectual disability

– Autism and ADHD

– learning difficulties/disorders

– the impact of brain injury

– giftedness

– psychological evaluation for cosmetic procedures

– assessment of disability for Disability Support Pension and NDIS applications

We use ‘gold standard’ assessment tools, along side clinical interviews, to make informed diagnosis that can support you with understanding your or your child’s strengths and difficulties, accessing school supports, intervention planning, determining clinical needs and applying for services under programs like NDIS.

Our assessment team conduct clinical interviews and evaluations in conjunction with:

* Connors – Fourth Edition (Connors 4) – to explore symptoms and impairments associated with ADHD and co-occurring conditions in children and adolescents

* Child Behaviour Checklist (CBCL) – to explore child and adolescent functioning

* Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence – Fourth Edition (WPPSI- IV) – to measure cognitive development of preschoolers and young children

* Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition (WISC-V) – to measure intellectual ability of children and adolescents up to 16 years of age

* Wechsler Individual Achievement Test- Third Edition (WIAT-III) – to identify academic strengths and weaknesses in children and adolescents

* Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales – Third Edition (Vineland-3) – to support the diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disability

* Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised (ADI-R) – a structured interview to support a diagnosis of Autism

* Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule – Second Edition (ADOS-2) – to assess and diagnose Autism

* Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) – to assess adult personality and psychopathological syndromes to support clinical diagnosis and treatment planning

* Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in adults – 3rd Edition (DIVA-5) – to assess attention deficit hyperactivity symptoms

and more!

There are generally 4 phases to the assessment process:

Phase 1: Pre-Assessment Consultation

This is a 1-2 hour consultation to assess your concerns and, if appropriate, administer screening tools to determine if further more specialised assessment is required. An assessment plan is developed and we inform you of the cost of further assessment.

Phase 2: Assessment

This involves administration of formal assessment(s) which may include structured clinical interviews.

There may be additional steps involving parent/ family interviews and/or review of records.

Phase 3: Report Preparation

The Psychologist will prepare a summary report of assessment findings with recommendations for intervention and clinical treatment planning.

This phase is not always included if you are not requiring a report. 

Phase 4: Feedback Session

This is a 1 hour session with the Psychologist to review assessment findings, recommendations and arrange treatment/ intervention sessions with the treating team at Lighthouse.