John McQuillen

John McQuillen

Senior Psychologist (Clinical) & Supervisor.

I am a Clinical Psychologist who completed undergraduate study at the University of Sydney and postgraduate study at the University of Western Sydney. I am a member of the Australian Psychological Society and a Fellow of its College of Clinical Psychologists. I am registered to provide assessment and therapy services under Medicare, DVA, the NDIS, NSW Workcover, and the NSW WDO schemes.

I have previously worked in the public sector for NSW Health and Corrective Services NSW. Since early 2015 I have practised exclusively in the private sector in subcontractor clinical psychologist roles. I work with clients aged 15+ yrs as well as couples, families, and other relationship groups.

I am especially interested in the management of the effects of trauma and other major life adjustment problems along with medico-legal and forensic matters. I grew up in a family where the main influences in my early life were either soldiers, nurses, or lawyers and I have a passion for working with military personnel and persons in emergency services roles. In addition to working with trauma and adjustment problems, I am skilled in mental health assessment, diagnosis, and the treatment of most clinical disorders including but not limited to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias, OCD, somatic and illness anxiety disorders, substance use disorders and other addictive behaviours, personality disorders, and psychosis management to name just a few. I also work with non-clinical presentations and a broad range of forensic/medico-legal matters. I have extensive experience in working with injury management under the workcover and CTP schemes. In addition, I am a Board-Approved supervisor and provide professional supervision to other psychologists for the general registration and clinical endorsement pathways.

I take a very pragmatic approach to try and help people improve their lives and manage the realities that they live with day to day. I see what I do as assisting people to manage or enhance their performance in life rather than simply the ‘treatment of disorders’. Through the therapy process I hope to assist clients to feel empowered and confident not only to address any current difficulties but to also manage any future difficulties that may arise. Whilst I will always be there to support any of my clients at any time it is my hope that through our work together they will develop sufficient skills and strategies that they will no longer need to return to regular therapy.

I am eclectic in my approach to therapy and will often mix and blend different scientifically validated therapies to provide a specific and customised therapy process designed to work well with their individuality. Although I use valid and reliable psychometric tests as process measures to track a client’s progress, ultimately my real measure is that their life improves in ways that are meaningful and adaptive for them and brings about the life they wish to lead. Some of the therapy methods I use include CBT, ACT, CPT, DBT, Schema Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. When working with couples I utilise the Gottman Method.

When I am not working I love spending time with my wife, riding my motorcycle, reading about military history and politics, I have a passion for old Hollywood and motion pictures generally, overseas travel, photography, and attempting to train my pet parrot to behave himself. I can’t wait to hear about what matters most to you!