Clinical Supervisors

Board Approved


Clinical Director & Senior Psychologist MAPS

“I provide supervision that is both directive and supervisee-led, incorporating discussions about cases and deliberate practice exercises to rehearse and refine clinical skills. I believe in supporting you to work both within your competencies and push beyond them”

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Senior Psychologist MAPS

“I am a very supportive “down to earth” supervisor that uses a collaborative “no ego” approach that has your best interest in mind. I am non-judgmental and competent to provide kind and necessary feedback where required. Learning from you, I will ask you about what you want from supervision, expectations, & how you would like to receive feedback”

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Senior Psychologist MAPS

“I’ll support you to be in the drivers seat, meeting your competencies and steering the whole way”

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Senior Psychologist (Clinical) MAPS FCCLP

“Competency based with a warm and friendly Rogerian style. I believe that every psychologist should have access to a supportive supervisor who helps them develop to be a more competent, professional, and resilient psychologist”