Aggie Hinton

Agnes Hinton

Clinical Counsellor

Agnes (Aggie) is a passionate professional committed to providing an authentic approach and flexibly using a range of modalities to improve the wellbeing of her clients. She has personal and professional experience in assisting people with trauma and helping people find balance in their experience and life after the event. She is committed to providing a safe space for peace and inner healing and understands that this process takes time. Aggie also understands that emotional pain is an extremely difficult time in a person’s life and therefore works work with clients for as long as is required, without judgement.

Aggie provides therapy for those who maybe suffering from Trauma, PTSD, Domestic Violence, Addictions, Bereavement/Grief, Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Family Conflict, Relationship Issues, Self-esteem, Self-Harm and Stress. Her therapeutic approach is formulated on the unique needs of each client. Aggie will assess each person on an individual basis and draw on the most clinically appropriate tools to meet that person’s needs.

Aggie has worked in a range of counselling settings and has over 20 years experience in the field of mental health. She use a variety of therapeutic modalities to support clients in navigating through these uncertain times of life to reach positive outcomes and a life worth living.

Aggie is clinically accredited with Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), accredited in sand play therapy and a registered counsellor through Victim Services. Aggie consults from our Moorebank and Campbelltown clinics.